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Teaching activities

Courses which I am presently giving

  • Condensed Matter Physics and Large facilities  (5th year physicist) at the Master of Physics at UCBL (n French)
  • Condensed Matter Systems (4th year physicists)  at the Master of Physics at UCBL (in English)
  • Nanomechanics (4th year), International Master of Nanoscale Engineering UCBL-INSA-ECL (in English)
  • Ancient Instruments of Physics (4th year physicists)  at the Master of Physics at UCBL. Practicals on restauration and augmentation of ancient physics instruments
  • Physics for Earth Sciences (1st year geologists) at UCBL

How do I teach ?

My pedagogical approach has evolved with the implementation of pedagogical techniques which include the preparation of paper/digital documents (handouts, video clips, online quizzes) that have allowed me to implement an active pedagogy with flipped lectures and continuous assessment in all my courses. I have followed several training courses and I regularly participate in conferences, meetings and workshops on the theme of pedagogical evolutions and ICT. In particular I try to encourage collaborative work of students and to implement adaptations to students with extraordianry disabilities or abilities. I regularly participate in conferences, congresses and trainings on pedagogy and I also present contributions and seminars on this subject. I have also taken responsibilities in the coordination and development of projects in pedagogical evolutions at the level of the University of Lyon.

In 2019 I organised a one-day workshop including the participation of 300 attendees entitled "Colloque Evolutions Pédagogiques 2019" (CEP2019)

See the presentation of the CEP2019 Workshop in this video.

See my presentation at CEP2019 in the subworkshop "Autonomy, motivation and cooperation in teaching" (in French):

Pédagogie inversée et coopérative dans un cours de Master de Physique / CEP 2019
video youtube Carbon sponges for water depollutionplay

Some courses given in the past

  • Thermodynamics (1st year students)
  • IIntroduction to Electricity (1st year students)
  • Introduction to Optics (1st year students)
  • Introduction to electronic devices and circuits (3rd year students)
  • Introduction to Solid State Magnetism and Superconductivity (5th year Master of Physics)
  • Condensed Matter Physics (4th year physicists) at the Ecole Normal Supèrieure de Lyon, Master Sciences of Matter
  • Interaction between radiation and matter (5th year physicists), Master of Physics
  • Diffraction of radiaton (5th year physicists), Master of Physics