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science festival 2017 2

Publication  "Delamination of multilayer graphen stacks form its substrate through wrinkle fromation under high pressure" Ian R. Amaral et al, Carbon, 185, 242 (2021).

Graphene is the ultimate sheet made of a monolayer of carbon atoms. When in contact with a surface, graphene 'sticks' and is not always easy to remove.

We have found that the application of hydrostatic pressure allows stacks of graphene sheets to be lifted from the substrate.  A distribution of folds emerges as the substrate is compressed and the surrounding fluid invades the space created. With a pressure of about 4 GPa (40,000 atmospheres) and using alcohols as the hydrostatic fluid, we were able to lift stacks of between 9 and 110 graphene sheets from an oxidized silicon substrate. These results allow us to better understand and study the response of 2D systems subjected to extreme solicitations and they open a new way to imagine new graphene transfer protocols.