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science festival 2017 2

The French national agency (ANR) has financed a 3.5 year research project (January 2020 to mid 2023) entitled 2D-PRESO to study the modulation of the physical properties of 2D materials by applying mechanical efforts perpendicular to the 2D planes. The objectives of the project includes the elaboration of novel 2D-nanomaterials through new bond schemes between layers appearing at high pressure and to modulate the optical, electronic, plasmonic, superconducting properties by tuning the interaction between layered elements in bi- or n-layered 2D-systems including intercalation. Coordinator: Alfonso San Miguel (SOPRANO group, iLM, Lyon). Partners: FemtoNanoptics group (iLM, PI: Natalia del Fatti), Institut Néel (Grenoble, PI: Laetitia Matry ), Sorbone University (P.I.: Fabio Pietrucci)