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science festival 2017 2

Publication: "Collapse phase diagram of carbon nanotubes with arbitrary number of walls. Collapse modes and macroscopic analog", Y. Magnin, F. Rondepierre, W. Cui, D. Dunstan and A. San-Miguel, Carbon, accepted. (Arxiv version)

From which diameter a carbon nanotube having an arbitrary number of walls will radially collapse? What pressure is needed to collapse a carbon nanotube ? Which is the geometry of the most stable carbon nanotube ? We have developped an advanced semi-empirical phase diagram based on analytical equations allowing to answer all these questions and many others.

In addition, we have found the geometrical conditions for which a carbon nanotube behaves mechanically as a macroscopic tube and verified it throgh atomistic modeling and through a table-top experiment.

This work has been done through a collaboration including colleagues from MIT (US), Queen Mary University of London (UK) and Jiangsu Normal University (China).